Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Theft by any other name...

     Many of my clients are excited to tell me when they've gotten a job. I'm often the only person who's ever said, "I'm proud of you." Because of this, they often strive not to hear me say, "I'm disappointed in you." Then there are the ones who have no concept of unacceptable behavior. Such was the case today, when I had the following conversation:
     'I lost my job.'
     'Well, I got fired.'
     "What did you do?"
     'They caught me eating.' (he worked at a fast food restaurant)
     "Eating the food you were cooking?"
     'Yeah, but I was hungry.'
     "So you stole food from your job?"
     'I guess you could call it that.'
     "Of course I'm going to call it that. When you take something that isn't yours without paying, it's called theft. It's a crime."
     'But they owed it to me 'cause I always pay for my food.'
     "No, they don't owe you anything but a paycheck...which you can use to buy food."
     'But it was bacon.'

How am I supposed to argue with bacon? I've got nothing.

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