Saturday, January 8, 2011

Does crazy know it's crazy?

I had to commit a woman yesterday. It started with her walking through traffic, talking to her wrist. She claimed to remember me from the days when I fed her in the black quarters of the Magnolia Plantation in Georgia. Ummm...she's white & I'm not that old. I recorded the ride to the hospital. Here's the transcript: (she uses unpleasant words sometimes)

Just call me Big Papa; Opium’s the King Kong Vampire; They make slaves of Jesus, drugs do; And my friend Barbara, she hates men and she’s dead now; Her boy she’s raising, her daughter’s son, he came to me and said “that bitch is dead daddy”, I’m gonna get him, straighten him out, whoop him; A bounty hunter went in jail ‘cause he was riding round with a woman naked smoking crack; He loves the crack, he’s his boy; Saw mills a place the Russians captured first after they killed these blue guys wearing blue cuffs that was on our side marching their way to Southfield for salt to help people; The Russians killed ‘em and took their blue uniforms; Bonnie & Clyde was killed by Russians; Police Officers was going after the Dominican Republic that was trying to kill us; Do I look like Conway Twitty; Franklin Delano Roosevelt, he was on a salary like my first husband; His daddy owned Ascot Oil called Old Cheyenne, a Comanche who was supposedly laundering money for people, dirty money; He was trying to help people, during a war, where everybody goes outlaw; Howard Hughes went broke; The Russians got all his money; Ya know he’s building planes and stuff; They say the richest man than him is the Morgans, ya know Morgan Towers; I’m getting that for a fishing site for Ascot Oil; My father & I named Ascot Oil, ‘cause Ascot raises racehorses down in Tennessee and his relatives, my husband’s Aunt Mary and them own Oklahoma, where the Indians live; You’d love it down there; They got these beds and if you’re drunk you stay in the beds, ya know til ya sober up, then they let you go; And I jumped on this girl; This black girl come up and I called her a n***; Well she’s gonna be a big hero; She said Indian; I got her down and they said let her go; And she went around all over Oklahoma playing that song Heroes Don’t Die; It’s a song about John Wayne, Big John; I like him; I don’t like the Eastwoods or the Schwarzeneggers; He took up for the Indians; Wore a patch over their eyes when they go in the battles, the Apaches; So he wore that patch cause they were poisoning them and that’s what that movie was about, True Grit, giving ‘em bad liquor; Anyway, that’s why he wore the patch on his eyes, ‘cause he liked the Indians; He went on their getting them white guys that was giving ‘em bad liquor and bad meat; But Cotten’s give ya white people white meat; Buffalo Soldiers, that’s a good name for them ‘cause blacks have nappy hair like buffalo; They rode out West; They raped and killed white women in the South; White men blew their brains out, knowing what’s happening to their wife and kids; Ya know then they’d blow theirs out; Shoot them ya; Angel Land, Sons & Daughters of the Confederacy; Ya and they was raping and killing them women and babies; Blacks, the Russians was showing them ‘cause they was taking the ones that was helping uniforms; They was trying to help the South and join with ‘em and march in on the South; Russians; And Gene Hackman knows who they are; He reminds me of the devil, don’t you; Meow; French Connection, that was about cocaine; Russians had already first got in France; Kennedys were Russians; And Boelyns were Russians hiding under different people’s names, different countries; The original Guinevere, she was a Russian and Marilyn knew that; The woman ya remember tried to tell King Arthur about her; And she wrote a poem, There’ll Never Be Another Camelot; Well my mother was in love with her cousin, Arthur; And my mother was full blood Indian; I got news for her; You’d love Mattie, my mommy; Little girls like you; She’d take a club when she walked down to Bourbon whorehouses; And everybody’s deathly afraid of her; Ya know, ‘cause all the Navy and everybody was around; She said “You mess with my younguns, I’ll beat ya to death”; She’d have her guns under her dress; She wore the long black dresses sometimes, like Mamie, her mommy, she was Scotland; But mommy was a Cherokee chief’s daughter; We got pictures of her; They look just alike; They got big noses too; Mommy was a dike, but ya know she went by the Bible, like the woman from Ireland, on the James from Another Time And Place; Paw won’t let me come home; And sixty days with Robert E. Lee; And Mr. Davis, our one-eyed President of the Confederate states; I was a spy who loved him; You ever see that movie?; So I could go home to the James and Paw; And Frank lives there, Jesus’ general I met, and Ms. Myers; And Ma’s free now; She’s over the island, resting now, in the land of magic; You ever read that book by Nora Roberts?; I will bring you these diamonds, he kept promising that, where she was at flesh; She said no and he kept trying to give her all this gold and jewelry; ‘Cause that’s her lady; Irish people tell the story about Nora Roberts wrote; It’s a true story, ‘cause she went there first, then she wrote the book; She’s from Ireland; She lives in New York now; I like the one about the ghost; I love it down here, don’t you?; La la; Ms. Carol O’Connor, I’ll sing you the storybook; Ya know the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie?; Come with me if you wanna live; You remember that?; That’s you, Jesus said; I can’t believe I have arrived from the Old South; I wish Paw was here almost older; He had blue eyes at the Magnolia Plantation; Hey, he’s got brown eyes, that wasn’t Paw; I gotta find my real Paw; Blue green eyes; It was a good movie, wasn’t it?; The one that Arnold Schwarzenegger had; It’s about the love slaves and Terminator; The Russians did all that s*** to their face, then went off and defected; I can’t fight; She used to go with Burt Reynolds; She always laughs about it; I’m gonna get him and take him far away; He was the first knight all through Heaven in a lady’s honor; He got down there and God’s a big black n***; He was gonna kill the little white man; I love your car; It’s white; It’s my favorite color; In my white room, generals gather, like witches at white masses; You ever heard that song?; It’s a old 60s or 70s song; Oh man take a look at this; Clark, Frank, Clark, James River; Oh man take a look at me, cat’s in the cradle and a silver spoon; Oh man take a look at me, when ya coming home son, I don’t know when, we’ll get together then; La la la; Winter is here again, oh no, I just snowed; And the grey speckled bird is a popple; When he’s ashes, ashes means he’s dead; I love the blue and grey colors; I’ve seen you before like Santa; You was blind then, but it’s okay now; Don’t forget to cut your hair; Okay Sampson, you can see now, huh?